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Welcome to Meet the locals

This is an information site of the many local and social(activity) groups that have sprung to live in and around the capital cities of Australia. A few thousand expats and Australians who like to get out and meet people, and have fun with lots of activities with new friends and old.

At least a couple of times per month, these groups meet around an activity, which are organised by normal members (as opposed to events organised by professional organisers or formal social clubs). If you like to fast track your local circle of friends, or you are looking for things to do (or you just like to know what's on in your area), this is a great place to start.

The activity can be anything at all: from a bushwalking and sailing, to a theatre visit or a Friday night drink So join us - everybody is welcome!



Meet the locals has chosen facetime.com.au as its communication platform, providing a wide range of easy to use user tools to organise and join a great variety of activities and groups. To join these groups, or to even start your group, join  Facetime.com.au - Australia's liveliest social activity network - and claim your free two week trial !


We believe that social activity networks should not be controlled by foreign monopolies. Instead, we support social networking services which operate under Australian consumer and privacylaws, and which generate local taxes.